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Undertaking : Hereby do undertake to declare that;
  1. School Leaving certificate is to be submitted within a week after receipt of intimation of the ward's selection for admission to the school.
  2. If the ward belongs to Scheduled Cast/Scheduled Tribes/Vimukta Jati & Nomadic Tribes & Special Backward Category then please give full details and submit a certificate from a competent authority as proof of it with the application.
  3. The Parent/Guardian who cancels the admission of his newly admitted ward prior to a period of eight days before the commencement of the first term will be charged one sixth of the fees for the first term excluding the caution money deposited and rest will be refunded.
  4. The Parent/Guardian who cancels the admission of his newly admitted ward after the start of the school,no fees will be refunded to such Parent/Guardian.
Declaration :
  1. I understand that the School will take all the possible care and pay the maximum attention to the welfare of my child and inspite of this if he goes outside by violating the School rules. I will not hold the School authorities responsible for any consequences arising out of that act of my child.
  2. I further declare that I am able and willing to pay prescribed fees in advance and meet promptly all the incidental expenses of the school if my ward is admitted to the school.
  3. All fees are payable in advance before the beginning of each term.